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Searching for the steps to falsh your s60v5 device.

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NOTE-If u don't have the following software please install them before proceeding......  

1.Firstly pls download JAF 1.98.62 and a modded “jaf_nok4models.ini” file as well as JAF pkey emulator v5.
2.Use Navifirm to download the orginal fw files.

1. Install JAF 1.98.62 in the default directory i.e., c:\program files\ODEON\JAF\.
Dnt change the directory or the pkey emulator wont work. Don’t run anything

2. Copy the downloaded pkey emulator to c:\program files\ODEON\JAF\ and create a shortcut for it on the desktop. Delete all other JAF shortcuts created by JAF.

3. Now place the downloaded “jaf_nok4models.ini” file in c:\program files\ODEON\JAF\
Replace d older one with this file.

4. Run the jaf pkey emulator. NOTE: This will run only in win7

5. After starting the emulator many lines will appear. Don’t worry abt dat. Click on “go”

6. JAF will start bt will show an error- BOX DRIVER NOT INSTALLED. Click OK.

7. JAF will show three tabs DCT4, BB5, PKEY. Our phone is of type BB5 so click on it. After that u will see many boxes ticked.

8. Untick ‘CRT 308’

9. Tick ‘manual flash’ and ‘dead usb’ than tick ‘USE INI’

10. Wait for abt 10 secs for the dialogue box to appear. After that select ur phone model no. And its type. E.g. for 5230 select- RM-588 nokia 5230 cable 5800
'Use INI' will still be disabled, leave it.

11. Now u can see below in the “status and results” window JAF will show the location it searches for the firmware flashing files. Note the location. It will be something like "C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-588

12. Go to that location or create the location if it doesn’t exist. Create the path as it is!! don’t change anything.

13. Now copy the downloaded files to that location (it should contain my rofs2 rofs3 and uda files). There will be 8 files in total. Make sure all files start with the name RM-588. If any downloaded files have anything before it, remove them such that their names start with RM-588.

14. Again click on “Use INI ” and select the same phone model. Now it will show the files we are going to flash and the MCU, PPM, CNT and APE Variant lights on the top will glow green. The box below will show the version you are going to flash.

15. See that ur phone has sufficient charge of abt 15 mins before flashing it. Switch off d phone and connect it to the pc and leave it.

16. Now everything is done, click on the 'FLASH' button the top right corner of JAF window. A warning box will pop up, don’t get scared, its just a general notification, so click 'YES'. Now it will tell "PRESS POWER ON NOW! Searching for phone..."

17. Now press the phone's power button for 1 or 2 seconds to switch it on, dont keep on holding it. You will not get a vibration as usual and the screen will go white. Check on JAF and it will say phone found. (Keep on holding the power button till it says phone found) and erasing and flashing will start shortly.

18. Flashing takes 1 minute and then JAF will say “Done” after pooling the fone. The phone will restart and PC will get 3 beep sounds.

19. Remove the cable and than U R DONE....


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